Terms and Conditions

Minimum Age – Elementary School Children are accepted under the parents or legal guardian’s responsibility up to and including Grade 5. Homestay is available for Students from Grade 6 – 12. An additional homestay monitoring fee will be applicable to students in grade 6 and 7.

Fees Include – Application Fee, Homestay Placement Fee, Tuition, Homestay Fee, and Medical Insurance.

Fees Do Not Include – Travel to and from the Comox Valley, Bank charges, Extra Curricular activities.

Enrollment and Payment – Applications must be submitted on the CVISP secure online application system. To ensure a seat is available, online applications should be submitted a minimum of six (6) months in advance of the program start date. In the exceptional cases of last-minute enrollment it is necessary to pay the total fees in full (sending us by fax and/or email a copy of the bank transfer) or sending credit card details in writing, authorizing the total fees be charge (please refer to our refund policy).

Balance – The balance must be paid at least three (3) months in advance of the semester’s starting date. If the student does pay the balance of the course as agreed to in the refund policy, we retain the agreed right to charge to customers the full course amount

Methods of Payment – In order that you may be successfully admitted into the program/course, you will have to produce evidence of payment. Payment can be made by: Bank transfer, Cheque or Bank Draft, or Credit card.

To ensure your payment information is secure we use Moneris™. It processes your credit card information securely using the latest available encryption technology. Online student application fees are processing using NorthStar Currency.

Homestay Changes – Homestay Coordinators do their utmost to ensure that the homestay is the best accommodation for each student, through careful screening . Please explain any specific requirements and expectations in detail when prompted on the secure online application form. Homestay changes will only be completed if the student has a serious consideration and changing families is absolutely necessary.

Damage: If any damage is incurred to the property of the school, homestay family property or to third parties contracted by the Comox Valley International Student Program, the cost of these damages must be settled immediately with the Comox Valley International Student Program by those responsible.

Student Visa – Students that stay less than six (6) months may not require an entry visa or study permit to enter Canada. You are responsible for obtaining visas and for any visa-related expenses.

Public Holidays – No lessons will take place on public holidays as indicated on the School Calendar.

Insurance – Medical insurance is mandatory.

The program shown in our website/brochure are only indicative, the Comox Valley International Student Program reserves the right to alter dates, times and contents of courses at any time. On your arrival to the Comox Valley we will give you your schedule.

Program Fees

The current program fees are:
(All fees in Canadian Dollars)

Application Fee $350  non-refundable amount
Homestay Placement Fee $300  non-refundable amount
School Fee $12 750 per year  See below for refund policy details
Homestay Fee $850 per month $800 is allocated to the homestay family & $50 is allocated to the CVISP for student monitoring and support.
Medical Insurance $850 per year (subject to change without notice) See below*

Fees are subject to change.

*To ensure adequate protection for our students, medical insurance coverage will commence three days prior to the student’s arrival date and remain in effect three days after the anticipated date of departure. Medical insurance fees for all long-term program are collected annually and paid on behalf of the student, to provide protection during the 10-month school period, as well as any portion of July and August when the student is in the Comox Valley attending summer programs. This arrangement ensures proper insurance coverage for the student.

Payment of Fees

The Application fee will be required on the secure online application system before your online application can be submitted. All fees are due three (3) months before the program start date.

Fees may be paid by:

1) Cheque or Bank Draft
Bank draft or certified cheque providing the issuing bank is associated with a Canadian bank. Use micro-encoded cheque or bank draft, payable to:

Comox Valley International Student Program
Royal Bank of Canada  #003
1015 Ryan Road
Courtenay, BC,
V9N 3R6, Canada

2) Electronic Bank Transfer
Name of Account: Comox Valley International Student Program

Name of Bank: Royal Bank of Canada

Account #: 01280-102-292-0

Bank Address: 1015 Ryan Road, Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada, V9N 3R6


C.C. Code: 0003-01280

If the swift code is too short for your bank, XXX onto the end. Canada does not have IBAN numbers.

Agents/Partners and parents of directly enrolling students are required to add all wire transfer and bank fees to all wire transfers.

3) Visa or MasterCard

Complete the CVISP credit card authorization form  to pay fees via credit card. The credit card authorization form should be submitted to heather.douglas@sd71.bc.ca for processing. All credit card payments are subject to a 4% service charge.

Refund Policy

In the event that an international student does not come to Canada or decides not to attend or to leave Comox Valley School District’s International Program, the following terms will apply:

  1. The application fee is non-refundable in any circumstance.
  2. For students in their first year of participation in the Comox Valley School District International Student Program, including all summer camp and short term programs the following will apply:
    • The full tuition fee, less the application fee and homestay placement fee, will be refunded upon receipt of satisfactory evidence that the Study Permit was not approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC):
    • Forty five percent (45%) of the tuition fee, less the application fee and homestay placement fee, will be refunded if the student withdraws prior to commencement of the program;
    • No tuition refund will be granted, for any reason, if the student withdraws after commencing the program.
  3. If a student indicates they will be returning to the Comox Valley School District’s International Student Program for a second or subsequent year and withdraws prior to commencing the second or subsequent year, the following will apply:
    • Forty five percent (45%) of the annual tuition fee will be refunded if he/she withdraw from the program prior to June 30 of the year in which the second or subsequent year of studies is to commence; and
    • no refund will be provided for any withdrawal after June 30 of the year in which the second or subsequent year of studies is to commence.
  4. No refund will be provided if a student is dismissed from the program because of a violation of the International Student Agreement.
  5. All international student fees for new and returning students must be paid three (3) months in advance of a student program start date. For example, if a student is starting school on September 1, all fees should be received by the CVISP by June 1.
  6. In certain circumstances an international fee paying student may become eligible to become a non-fee paying student upon their parent or guardian becoming ordinary resident(s) in British Columbia. A student may only change their status from fee-paying to non-fee paying before September 30 of the applicable school year. No refund of tuition will be provided to any student whose status changes after September 30 of the applicable school year.

Travel Arrangements

Travel to the Comox Valley
Students should make travel arrangements as soon as possible. When arrangements are confirmed, students should contact their homestay family to inform them of the arrival date, time and flight number. Your agent representative or parents (if no agent) should also send a copy of your flight itinerary to isponline@sd71.bc.ca. This is to ensure the CVISP can also inform your homestay family the correct date and time to pick you up at the Comox International Airport (YQQ). In most cases, the homestay family will meet the student upon arrival and begin the homestay process.

It is important that students book a flight through to the Comox International Airport (YQQ). Do not end the flight in Vancouver International Airport (YVR) unless a visit to the Vancouver region is part of the travel plan. Where students are visiting Vancouver first, arrangements for travel to the Comox Valley should be made and provided to the homestay family AND the CVISP Program Office via email – isponline@sd71.bc.ca.

Travel from the Comox Valley
Students may not leave the Comox Valley without permission from the Program Office. Students must complete an online Student Travel Request Form at least five (5) days prior to traveling outside the Comox Valley. This rule is in place for student safety.

Students who are planning trips home during holidays must book flights as early as possible. Students are expected to schedule holiday travel during school vacation periods. Students should not miss classes. The Program Office can assist with suggestions about dependable travel companies.

Checklist for Online Application to the International School Programs

Step One: Applying

The Comox Valley International Student Program only accepts online applications. Visit www.studyinbritishcolumbia.com/apply to apply online and for a description of all documents required and recommended.

Step Two: Letter of Acceptance

After you have applied online, you will receive a confirmation email that your online application has been received. Once approved for acceptance into the CVISP by the District Principal or designate, you will receive an email notifying you of acceptance. A verification email from the CVISP Senior Administrative Assistant will follow within seven (7) business days and will include a Letter of Acceptance, Invoice, and Custodial Declaration (CD). Upon receipt of this email, please complete the following:

  • Pay all remaining applicable program fees on the invoice received from the CVISP Senior Administrative Assistant.
  • Verify by email to the CVISP Senior Administrative Assistant that all information on the Custodial Declaration (CD) is correct.

Step Three: Visa Application

Upon receipt of the official Letter of Acceptance, please do the following:

  • Immediately contact the nearest Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) office via telephone, fax, email or mail and request a Visa Application Form for a Study Permit (if required). Be sure to apply as early as possible as the visa process can take over eight weeks.
  • Complete the form and include the Letter of Acceptance with your application package. Wait to receive a reply from the CIC.
  • Remember to make sure you have an updated passport.

Please note: The International School Programs has no influence over the visa application process. Please direct all inquiries regarding your visa status to your local CIC office.

Academic Information

Required Courses
In order to graduate from a British Columbia high school, students are required to take the following courses:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • English
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Physical Education (Grades 8-10 only)
  • Applied Skills/Business Education/Fine Arts
  • Planning
  • Portfolio Assessment

Students are also required to take elective courses that match their personal needs and interests. Elective courses fall within three (3) categories: Applied Skills, Business Education, and Fine Arts.