the Comox Valley School District exchange program and cultural group exchanges are an important part of the Comox Valley International Student Program. Offered since 2006, exchanges and cultural group exchanges have seen many Comox Valley high school students see the world. Exchange programs are required by the Comox Valley School District board of education and provide ALL Comox Valley School District students (grade 9-12) with the opportunity to expand their global perspective. Comox Valley School District exchanges are by far the cheapest way for Comox Valley students to go on exchange.

One for One (Reciprocal) Exchange Program

Comox Valley School District grade 9-12 students can gain real world cultural and language experience in this low cost program.  The one for one exchange program was introduced in 2006 when the Comox Valley International Student Program was created. The one for one exchange program partners Comox Valley School District students with a student from a different country for one (1) or two (2) semesters. The international student lives in the home of the Canadian student and the Canadian student lives in the home of the international student. 2-3 month exchanges are also provided to select countries if a Comox Valley School District student is looking for a shorter time abroad.


I could not have asked for a better host family.  They make me feel so at home.  Being an exchange student when you are young teaches you so many things about yourself and changes the way you relate to the world and others.  Also going abroad and learning bout the history of different places teaches you so manythings you could not learn by sitting in class. The stories are no longer pictrues in a history textbook but tangible memories I will remember for life.  Everyday is a new adventure and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!


My exchange to Denmark is changing my outlook on life. It is showing me that there is another world out there beyond English as a first language.  I am continually having to adjust and show who I am while on this exchange. When I first considered the one for one exchange program I was not completely sure it was for me. After spending this time in Nyborg at school, visiting Germany, Copenhagen and many other sites, it makes me want to stay longer and travel to many countries in the future. Denmark is a beautiful country and this experience has been amazing!


I have seen so many amazing places, like Paris, Berlin, Rome, Florence, Munich and Vienna.  Places I have only read about and they have been one fo the highlights of this experience. The people I have met are another thing that made this trip so great.  I have made some great friends here and will be keeping in touch with them when I return to Canada.


This exchange program is a once in a lifetime experience that opens your eyes to the world, and also brings a deeper send of self, and brings you closer with those you love. It is absolutely a must do for anyone who seeks to improve themselves, and it will absolutely change your life for the better! Hope to see you abroad sometime!!


Cultural Exchange Program

Group cultural exchange opportunities are offered to Comox Valley School District #71 students in grade ten (10), eleven (11) and twelve (12).  Each secondary school in the Comox Valley School District #71 rotates as a host school for students and teachers from partner schools in different countries.  The Comox Valley International Student Program has established cultural exchange partner schools in Italy, China, Germany and India and continues to search for new schools for cultural exchange.  Visiting international students stay in the home of a Canadian student who are then in turn hosted by an international exchange student in a foreign country.  What better way to see another country for two (2) weeks than with your own host brother or sister and their family!

If you are in grade ten (10), eleven (11) or twelve (12) speak to your Vice Principal to become involved in a group cultural exchange or apply online.  The Comox Valley International Student Program is always open to new cultural exchange partnerships.  For more information and to inquire about becoming a cultural exchange partner school please contact